Week 2 EIDT 6501 Training and Development

In this week’s blog posting I decided to go with doing an assessment on Cisco since I am a network manager for an IT company and we deal with some Cisco equipment. We mainly use and are switching to Brocade Communications equipment totally in the next few months.

What stakeholders would you want to make sure to get buy-in from?

Considering in this line of work the amount of stakeholders would be rather large, going from the management side all the way down to the newest hired employee. So, a rather large spectrum of employees will have to be engaged in the right manner to get buy-in from them all.

What questions would you ask (and to whom would you address them) during the organizational, person, and task analysis phases?

During this phase, I would formulate my questions for each group of people from the upper management down to the lowest in the hierarchy. I would ask questions such as: What are the employee’s experience, skillsets, and interests? What are the goals for getting this type of training? What is management’s commitment to training? What is the preferred delivery method for training in this organization? Does your organization require certifications from the training they receive? I feel with asking these questions that I could most likely get a good grasp on the type of training that would be needed and best suit the company.

What documents or records might you ask to see?

I would ask to see what certifications the employees currently held. Then I would go on to see they type of professional development training that each employee had completed in the last 5 years or the lack there of in some cases. I then would ask to see what their policy is for employees getting training on their own, vs the company paying for a third party to come in and do the training. Then I would ask to see any documentation on whether there was in incentive program, or reimbursement program for those who wanted to take it upon themselves to go out and get professional training on their own.

What techniques would you employ (see Table 3.2 on page 108 of the Noe text), and why?

In this field, I would say that an instructor led approach along with each understudy having a computer for an interactive hands-on type of training would be the best approach for this type of training. Due largely in part to technical people like myself have to see and then do, for it to stick and them be able to repeat the sections trained after the training is complete.


Author: jrodcandhisweldersaplenty

I am a welder and now a welding instructor for a community college in southeast Alabama. I love what I do and would have never dreamed being a teacher could be as rewarding as it has become. I have always heard that teachers do it for the love of teaching, not for the money, and this statement could not hold any more truth for me.

2 thoughts on “Week 2 EIDT 6501 Training and Development”

  1. Jarrod, great blog this week. You stated that an instructor led approach along with each understudy having a computer for an interactive hands-on type of training would be the best approach for this type of training. I would agree, but would this be something that Cisco system would have to maintain in the long run or would this be offered only one time?
    Gerard Apanewicz


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