EIDT6501 Week 6 Assignment Blog Posting

EIDT6501 Week 6 Assignment Blog Posting:

There is little question that technology use in training is on the rise and is here to stay; however, few would argue that throwing technological components into training programs just to appear “up to date” is wise. Strategically and thoughtfully applying technological components to enhance the impact and/or measurability of training solutions is what any good trainer strives for.

For this assignment, begin by thinking about the various training technologies outlined in Chapter 8 of the Noe text and in the required article. Consider what impact these technologies are having and will continue to have in training and development environments.

Next, complete the following:

  • Choose FOUR technologies or technological advancements used in training, as described in Chapter 8 of the Noe text and in the required article
  • Conduct online research (in the Walden library or other reputable site) to find ONE additional article or resource that highlights the use of technology for teaching or training purposes.

By Day 4

Post a blog entry that explains the impact each of your FIVE selected technologies has and will continue to have on how people learn and interact, and the implications of this for training. If available, include links to websites that offer the technology or images of the technology in your post.

Utilizing Technology in Training


Using technology in training is a way to “keep up with the times” like the assignment is stating. Utilizing technology to stay in tune with technology is a great way to enhance training for students in the age of technology. With the use of the following technologies below, one can be pretty sure they are keeping up with the times and giving enhanced training methods to their students.




As indicated by Noe, webcasting is portrayed as “classroom direction that is given through live broadcast” (Noe, 2010) A webcast is a media document dispersed over the Internet utilizing spilling media innovation to circulate a solitary substance source to numerous concurrent audience members/watchers. A webcast may either be conveyed live or on request. Basically, webcasting is “communicating” over the Internet. Webcasting isn’t intuitive. In the event that copyright material is exhibited there are licenses that can be acquired for these. Webcasting can use shabby technology and still work, since it has enabled autonomous media to thrive. You Tube is an archive of huge numbers of these webcasts.


Learning Management Systems/Course Management System:


LMS/CMS systems are utilized to convey and make courses, connect learning assets, draw in representatives and make, alter, circulate and convey evaluations. (Noe, 2010) They enable training content to be most cost effective as training should be possible from any area, available to more students, and takes into consideration following of learners progress.



As per Noe, reenactment gives understudies moment criticism in regards to territories of quality and shortcoming keeping in mind the end goal to make redresses to enhance their execution of the undertaking. (Noe, R., 2010) Simulation is the impersonation of a certifiable procedure or framework. A model is produced and speaks to the principle qualities or practices and the members utilizing hands on exercises take care of the issue or action. The model speaks to the framework itself, while the reenactment speaks to the activity of the framework after some time.


Smart Phones:

                                          smart phones

“Smart” mobile phones enable people to speak with others by telephone, web, content informing enabling proprietors to remain over late occasions, information, getting to data continuously. The Army is utilizing advanced mobile phones as a preparation apparatus. As per Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, the U.S. Army is creating applications for smart phones and those who read rather than manuals to enable teaching of troops around the world.


Using video and embedding questions:


Students in today’s society take in video like they drink soda. As the present instructors use this reality by utilizing video for instructional purposes like never before, free devices that empower teachers to insert questions are an effective guide. At the point when students are solicited to expend video content outside from class, how might you guarantee that they are taking in the content?




https://www.emergingedtech.com/2014/09/most-engaging-uses-of-instructional-technology/ Embedding questions in videos.

Noe, R. A. (2010). Employee Training and Development. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin

Author: jrodcandhisweldersaplenty

I am a welder and now a welding instructor for a community college in southeast Alabama. I love what I do and would have never dreamed being a teacher could be as rewarding as it has become. I have always heard that teachers do it for the love of teaching, not for the money, and this statement could not hold any more truth for me.

One thought on “EIDT6501 Week 6 Assignment Blog Posting”

  1. Jarrod, great job on your blog this week. It thought your use of images really help showcase the technologies you were discussing. I thought you picked some great examples. LMS, Smartphones, simulators are all great examples of technologies that enable training at a distance and place the learner in a life like environment. I have had some bad experiences with LMS, not that the tech did not function, it was more along the lines of polices and processes for updating content. One LMS I worked with only aloud content updates once every two years. This was problematic as out content changed every six months. And by the time we went through there testing process, the content was out of date ( it tool upwards of 90 days to complete the testing process). Great job this week!
    Gerard Apanewicz


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