Hello, I am a student/career tech instructor/supervisor of personnel, basically Jack of all trades, and master of none really. I have a very diverse background stemming from the time I was 18 years old and became a United States Marine, from there going on to a welding technical school to become a welder. I traveled extensively all over the United States for several years until that got old, then I started going overseas with the U.S. military as a contractor and eventually got into a supervisory role. From there I have achieved an Associates in Engineering Management, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and now I am in the last 2 weeks of completing a Masters degree in Instructional Design at Walden University. I have worked through the past 12 courses which have taken me almost 2 years to complete and have worked on the various projects that are required for instructional design. Within this blog are the various projects that I have completed throughout this course track, feel free to browse and offer constructive criticism.